Reflections on Alpha Diagne’s “Blue House” installation at the Southbank Centre

The most recent article about art of the African Diaspora published on the Museum Geographies blog features commentary about the work of refugee artist Alpha Diagne whose contemporary conceptual installation “Blue House” was recently presented at the Southbank Centre in London as part of the Africa Utopia “Festival for the World” 2016.

Using lyrics taken from a popular song by the French singer-songwriter Maxime Le Forestier as the title of his artwork, Alpha Diagne’s installation “Home: La Maison Bleue sur la Colline” [Home: The Blue House on the Hill] (2016) was a ‘politically aesthetic’ representation and partial recreation of his temporary home, originally constructed during his stay in a refugee camp in northern France. The make-shift dwelling was also designed to serve as an art museum and community hub within the camp, so that he and other residents could use the space as a site for critiquing (through visual art and poetic narratives) European nations’ collective lack of effective action to support and ameliorate the refugee and migration crisis for thousands of people trapped in the precarity and poverty of forced displacement and homelessness in locations across northern France, southern Italy, Greece and the wider Mediterranean coastal region.

To read the full text of the article, please click on the following link to the blog, Museum Geographies:


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