An update from our Hillsborough College Intern Taisha

Wednesday 28th January 2015

Greetings everyone!

It has been a long while since I have last posted so apologise for that, however I do hope that everyone had a great holiday break and is ready for another year of hard work. Today we have been busy collecting data and producing graphs. The data which we collected consisted of occupational information as well as student population within Sheffield wards.

In conclusion we found that student numbers were higher in wards containing university campuses and student residential homes like Broomhill and Central, and the more the students there are within a ward the lower the percentage of occupations found. I thought that a reason for that could be could be linked to the idea that if a location has a high percentage of full time students, then more than likely these students are perhaps not yet qualified for high skilled jobs or may simply remain unemployed in order to devote all their time to their studies. There are definitely different theories to this and hopefully as this project continues we may get a clearer understanding. I will keep you all posted.


Wednesday 4th February 2015


Greetings everyone!

The project is moving in a very good direction. Professor Charles Pattie and I have been busy collecting and analysing data relevant to our project and with the wonderful aid of Naomi (External Relations Officer) we have been keeping you all posted. As for today, our main priority was to focus on the questions we would ask AS and A2 students in Hillsborough. We found that it would be essential for our project to gain a better understanding of why students make particular choices when it comes to higher education. We decided that a focus group, in addition to interviews would be useful research methods. The questionnaires are completed and hopefully very soon the interviews will begin. I will keep you all posted with the responses.


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