Spreading the Geography word. (An update from our Hillsborough College Intern Taisha)

Wednesday 26th November

On Wednesday 26th November I had the privilege of sitting in a Geography Ambassador Training day. This is a special scheme run by the Royal Geographical Society and aims to represent promote and advocate for geography as a leading discipline.

This special training day was run by Simon, a representative of the Society. Geography undergraduates from the university that applied for this scheme received advice, directions as well as specialised training that would aid them as they take on the role of geography ambassadors. As geography ambassadors, they have the responsibility of promoting the subject and will do so by going to different schools and holding class sessions or activities. The undergraduates also had the opportunity of promoting the subject in careers and option evenings. Anything that was associated with their role as geography ambassadors were permitted with the exception of not holding school assemblies. The different sessions would mainly be aimed at year 9’s, 11’s and A-level students. Which is great timing as this is the period where students make choices regarding what subject of course they want to take.

I can honestly say that sitting in during that training really helped me to appreciate the importance of geography as a subject, and the significance of promoting the subject as many do not get a true conception or picture of what geography really involves. The information obtained during that training is very useful for my research, as it shows that measures are taken to promote geography and thus to some extent answers my question of whether enough is done to promote the subject.

“Geography is the subject that does not make you one dimensional” this was a comment made by Simon. It is such a true statement, however from my past experience of spending 5 years in secondary school; I can truly say that I never appreciated that fact, as I was not taught the different aspects of geography neither was I given insight on the different career pathways which geography provides. It’s great to see action being taken to change that!


Wednesday 3rd December 2014


Today has been a very steady day. For the first hour, I had the opportunity of sitting in one of Charles Pattie’s lectures about correlation. After that I continued reading and taking notes on the journals I collected to which would further aid my project. For the remaining two hours I had the privilege of sitting in a staff meeting. This meeting gave me the insight in the hard work which staff put in to ensure that the geography and research department, in the University of Sheffield, runs as successfully as it does.

Today I also prepared a plan that would structure out my research project. Great things are still to come!


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