Tales from the Ivory Tower – Festival of the Mind

‘In September I participated in the 2014  Festival of the Mind a one week collaboration event between the University and the community of Sheffield. One of the activities running during the entire week was the “Tales from the Ivory Tower”, in which a group of researchers turned episodes of our daily work into tales to be shared with people of the city.

What sounded like a good idea became an exciting experience. It is not that often that I can talk about my research with resettled refugees in Latin America to an audience that is not made of researchers working in similar topics or geographical areas. During the event, in a relax environment and beautiful venue; I had the great opportunity to share some of my fieldwork reflections with the people that join us at the Spiegeltent. I told them about why I decided to study again, about my research and some of the stories from the field. At the end of the talk, the most repeated comment I got was ‘I didn’t know that refugees were going to Chile and Brazil!’. Those comments highlighted to me that the event is important not only because it promotes engagement between the University and the community, but also because it highlights (and allow us to learn from each other) topics, issues and questions we did not know about. And that brief exchange of ideas and opinions truly is a festival of the mind!

Here is the video of the presentation. If you have comments or would like to share your own experiences or reflections please get in touch.’

You can follow Marcia on twitter @MarciaVeraE

Tales from the Ivory Tower is now available to watch on iTunes U  and features Dr Megan Blake episode also.


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