Researching Contentious Politics and Mining Regimes

My new ideas for a book project to begin in 2016.

On Development and the Global Political Economy

In a recent guest lecture that I gave at York University, I presented some very rough ideas about how we can think about resource exploitation and democratisation in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Whilst by no means do I suggest such cross-regional comparisons are unproblematic, I argued that there are common grounds for some comparative work to understand how national elites in the middle and low-income countries attempt to contain political conflicts. This in turn can potentially enable a new wave of scholarship to focus on the distinctive patterns of state-society relations, how political systems influence conflict, and whether resource exploitation can produce more democratic outcomes. I have subsequently suggested that we should perhaps draw more systematically from contentious politics literature pioneered by Charles Tilly and Sid Tarrow to be able to probe into how states and social groups negotiate political choices – and subsequently – institutional arrangements. In other words, we need to think more…

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