Being a Geography Ambassador at the University of Sheffield

Hi we’re Julia and Katie, second year Geography students and have recently become ambassadors.

We became ambassadors to pass on our enthusiasm for Geography at Sheffield. The open days at the University we attended as potential undergraduates were really helpful and we wanted to be a part of them, providing information to potential new students and parents. Academic staff are great to answer questions on the degree course and programme, but as students we feel we provide a flavour of what life is like beyond the course.

Being a Geography Ambassador involves greeting people and then putting our geographical skills to use, showing students and parents around the University and to lecture theatres.  Throughout the day we get asked all sorts of questions from “Where does the University rank on league tables?” To “where is the best club in Sheffield?” Surprisingly some of the parents ask the latter question.   The most common thing we get asked is “what is life like being a Geography student in Sheffield?” we usually answer this with: a brief course overview and then a discussion about things such as where to buy your 5 a day, accommodation recommendations and other great services like Sport Sheffield.

Our experience of being Ambassadors has been really rewarding and has allowed us to meet Geographers from other year groups who are great when it comes to advice.  It is also a good opportunity to speak to lecturers informally which makes them more approachable for dissertation help.  It’s also meant that we have heard about GeogSoc events and how to join in.

We thoroughly recommend getting involved in the Ambassador programme as it is great to put on your CV and encourages participation with the Geography department.  It is possibly one of the few jobs you will find where you leave happier than when you arrived.


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