Katherine Shill – My Degree with Employment Experience

Katherine Shill at Toyota

Katherine Shill at Toyota

This year I am on Placement with Toyota GB PLC based in Surrey. Deciding to take a placement year was a daunting decision, and a tough application process. However, I realised that stepping onto the career ladder wasn’t going to be easy, and therefore I wanted to equip myself with as much experience and expertise for when this time would come. Extra encouragement came not only from the Placement Supervisor in the Geography Department, but also from my Manager at the University of Sheffield Enterprise, where I was an Intern during my second year. My manager, who had also taken a placement year when at University, helped settle my nerves encouraging me to work even harder to consider what I wanted for my future, andwhen I saw the opportunity to work for Toyota in Social Responsibility, I knew I wanted to take a placement year.

At Toyota GB PLC I work inthe Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Affairs department who are responsible for the social and environmental interactions of the company. On a day to day basis I am responsible for three main areas, Toyota GB Social contributions, reporting environmental statistics to Toyota Motor Europe and communicating with stakeholders about our projects. Every task and project has helped me move forward with my personal development, and I am looking forward to taking on my greatest challenge with project managing Green Month in June (Environmental Awareness Month).

Overall my placement year has been a great success so far and I feel that by working with my Manager to identify my strengths and development needs I will ensure I am at my best not only for Toyota now but also when moving forward with my chosen career in the future.


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